How to Zoom In and Out on a Macintosh Computer

This guide will explain the how-to process of zooming in and out on a Macintosh computer. 

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Zoom In and Out Using System Preferences

  1. Choose Apple Menu from the top left corner of the screen, then choose System Preferences.
    Click on the Apple and select System Preferences from the drop-down menu.

  2. After opening System Preferences, click on Accessibility.
    Select Accessiblity.

  3. Finally, select the option Zoom.
    Select Zoom option.


How to Zoom In and Out Using Keyboard Shortcuts

  1. Open System Preferences and click on Accessibility.
    Select Accessiblity.
  2. Then click on the Zoom option from the left choices, and make sure that the check box titled, Use keyboard shortcuts to zoomand then close System Preferences.
    Select Zoom and click the check box to Use keyboard shortcuts to zoom.
  3. Simultaneously press the COMMAND + OPTION + 8 keys on the keyboard, this will turn on the zooming feature.
    Toggle to zoom keyboard shortcuts
  4. To zoom in after turning on the zooming feature, simultaneously press down the COMMAND + OPTION + "=" (equal sign) keys on the keyboard.
    Zoom in shortcuts
  5. To zoom out simultaneously press down the COMMAND  + OPTION + "-" (minus sign) keys on the keyboard.
    Zoom out keyboard shortcut
  6. Finally, to turn the zooming feature off, once again simultaneously press down the  COMMAND + OPTION + 8 keys on the keyboard.
    Toggle to smooth image keyboard shorcut.


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