How to Use the Avaya Softphone

The Avaya softphone is a telephone created to run on your Windows PC, instead of a physical device on your desk. It provides the ability to make & receive calls using your computer’s microphone and speakers. If you are making a call, the number appears as though it is coming from the University’s phone system. To learn more about system requirements and installation, see the Avaya Softphone Software page. You must log in with your BearPass username and password to access the page.

Please Note: The softphone will not work on a remote desktop or virtual machine. It must be installed on your physical laptop or desktop computer.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Use the Avaya Softphone

  1. After setting up your Avaya softphone, you will be given a password for your extension. Enter your extension with the leading number and no dashes or spaces, then enter your password.
  2. On the Place and receive calls using: menu, select This Computer.
    Avaya One-X Communicator Login screen
  3. Select Yes to move your extension to your computer and use the softphone.
    Existing Login Detected pop-up window
  4. The softphone keeps a log of your calls. Click the phone log icon to see your list of calls.
    Phone log button at top left of softphone display
    • Use the magnifying glass icon to search your call log.
      Search button with magnifying glass
  5. If you imported your contacts from your office phone, you can click the address book icon to view them.
    Address book icon in top left of softphone display
  6. To make an outgoing call, enter the contact's name or phone number in the box next to the magnifying glass icon, then click the telephone handset icon to place the call.
    Enter name or number field on softphone display Handset icon for placing calls
    • If you are calling a Missouri State extension, include only the leading number and extension. For example: 65999.
    • If you are calling an outside line, include 9, the country code, area code, and full phone number. For example: 914175551234.
    • Click the icon with the handset and keypad to show the full phone keypad.
      Handset and keypad icon for keypad access
    • To redial the last used number, select the icon with a keypad and an arrow.
      Keypad with arrow icon for redial
  7. Manage calls using the tray of phone icons:
    Active phone call options tray
    • Click the Microphone button to mute yourself.
    • Click the Underlined Handset button to place the call on hold.
    • Click the Handset with Arrow button to transfer the call to another line.
    • Click the Red Handset button to end the call.
  8. Select the Conference button to add another phone number to your current phone call. Enter the other phone number in the box below With: and click OK.
    Conference button on softphone display

    Conference call dialog box

  9. Click the gear icon to update the softphone settings.
    Gear icon for softphone settings



Avaya Softphone Software - login required


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