Managing Session Settings in Blackboard Collaborate Ultra

Follow the directions below to edit and manage session settings for Blackboard Collaborate:

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Edit Collaborate Settings Before the Session

Most settings can be changed at any time during the session, but some must be set in advance.

  1. Log-in to Blackboard.
  2. Access Blackboard Collaborate Ultra from Course Tools or from your course menu.
  3. From the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra platform, locate the session you wish to edit and click the Session Options icon (three dots).
    Click on the session settings icon to edit the session settings.
  4. Select Edit Settings.
  5. Options you must edit before the session are Recording, Telephony Private chat, and Large scale session.
    session settings tab
    1. Recording:  choose to allow session recordings to be downloaded and to allow authors of chat messages to be shown anonymously during session recordings. 
    2. Telephony: to allow attendees to use their phone for audio during the session.
      Join a Bb Collaborate session with you telephone for audio.
    3. Private Chat: limit attendee chat to private chats with the moderators only or allow attendees to chat privately with other attendees with moderators supervising the chat.
    4. Large Scale Session (250+): this option makes the session a webinar that supports up to 500 attendees. However, not all features are available in webinar mode. 
      1. Participants can't share audio, video, post chat messages, or draw on whiteboards and files.
      2. Breakout groups aren't available while in webinar mode.
    5. Profanity Filter: this feature hides profanity in chat messages. ?

How to Edit Collaborate Settings During a Session

  1. From the Blackboard Collaborate Ultra platform, locate the session and click Join session.
  2. Open the Collaborate Panel.
    Click on purple arrows icon at the bottom of the screen
  3. Select My Settings icon from the Collaborate Panel and click on Session Settings.
    Make changes to the appropriate settings.

Participant permissions can be changed at any time before or during a session.

Please Note: By default anyone with participants role can show their profile picture, share their audio and video, post chat messages, and draw on whiteboard and shared files.


For additional information refer to Session Settings from Blackboard Help.


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