How to Reset Your Zoom Password for Faculty/Staff

You may need to reset your Zoom password if you requested an account in the past and no longer recall the password you set.

Step-by-Step Guide

How to Reset Your Zoom Password

  1. Navigate to:
    Zoom Login Screen
  2. Enter your Missouri State email address
  3. Click Send
  4. Open your email and locate the email sent from Zoom <>
    Follow the steps to resetting your password.
  5. Click the link provided in the email, or copy and paste the URL text into your web browser.
    click on the link provided to reset your password.
  6. Type in your new password, then type the same password in the Confirm Password box and click Save. Your password has been reset and your account is ready for use.
    Enter you new password and select save.
Please Note:  Zoom Password Complexity Requirements

Password must:

  • Have at least 8 characters
  • Have at least 1 letter (a, b, c...)
  • Have at least 1 number (1, 2, 3...)
  • Include both Upper case and Lower case characters
Password must NOT:
  • Contain only one character (11111111 or aaaaaaaa)
  • Contain only consecutive characters (12345678 or abcdefgh)


For step-by-step instructions for password reset with Facebook or Google accounts, please visit the Zoom Help Center.


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