Add web-optimized media to your site.

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Pinned Article Working With and Inserting Images and Graphics

Choose an appropriate image editor and file format. Learn where your images are stored in Omni and how they may be organized.

Guide to Image Sizes

Find out the recommended image size for your tout, hero, and other website elements.

How to Optimize Photos Using GIMP

Optimize your photos with this free download compatible with Mac and Windows operating systems.

Image Alternative Text and Why It’s Important

Make your web content accessible to all users.

Inserting an Image or Carousel on a Page

Choose to include an image on your page with or without a drop shadow. Learn to add the MSU Photo Slider (carousel) to your page.

Inserting Video on to Your Page

Add just a video to your page or add it within a Featured Content With Video component.

Optimizing Photos Using Photoshop CC

Follow this simple step-by-step guide or gain in-depth knowledge with a LinkedIn Learning training video.

Preparing Images for the Spotlight Administration System

Prepare your images following this guide to file size and format.